Recent sutdies indicate that DNA methylation can be used to correlates cis-regulatory factors with expression of nearby genes to identify transcriptional targets. But no such comprehensive database is existed.

Here, CanReMeth aims to provide a comprehensive DNA methylation based correlation between cis/ trans-regulatory factors and target genes. We computed the correlation of 10 upstream genes and 10 downstream genes of methylation probe to infer target gene firstly and then provide cis/ trans-regulatory factors analysis of the probe sites to correlate to target genes. CanReMeth contains probe and target gene pairs of 33 The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) cancer types. Furthermore, CanReMeth contains 5 kind of cis-regulatory factors: super enhancers (17 out of the upper 33 TCGA cancer types, 17/33), enhancers (25/33), ATAC (23/33), 3D chromatin interaction (12/33) and CpG islands and 2 trans-regulatory factors: transcription factors identified by CHIP-seq (23/33) and motif respectively.

Transcriptional regulatory of mRNAs


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