Pair-3D analysis

Cut off of target gene predict methods

Definition of Promoter


Function introduction
Uses can submit a probe, gene, or genomic list and select a cancer type and a tissue type to analyze probe-gene pairs in selected cancer type with 3D chromatin interaction data of selected tissue. For a probe-gene pair, if its ±1kb of probe or promoter of gene overlap with 3D chromatin interaction anchors, it would be displayed in the result in detail.
1) Cancer type: Select one cancer type to analyze probe-gene pairs.
2) Input: input a probe, gene, or genomic list to get probe-gene pairs in the background.
3) Cut off of target gene predict methods: Select cut off for probe-gene pairs.
4) Definition of Promoter: Select a defined or define a promoter for the gene in the pairs to do bedtools with 3D chromatin interaction anchors.
5) Tissue type of the 3D samples: Select a tissue type for 3D chromatin interaction data.