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CATA: The chromatin accessibility of cancer database

    Here,we developed a comprehensive Cancer ATAC-seq database that aim to provided a large number of available resources on cancer ATAC-seq datas. The database was annotated with potential functions of ATAC-Peak in the cancer. The current version of CATA documented a total of 2,991,163 ATAC-Peak from 410 tumor samples that was Collected in 23 different cancers. To help researchers better identify some biotherapeutic targets, we have assembled common SNPs, motif changes, expression quantitative trait locus, TFBS, Motif data, methylation, copy number variation, somatic mutation, enhancer, and corresponding clinical data. At the same time, we also provide survival analysis, pathway enrichment and opening region associated analysis which is more convenient for researchers to mine data. CATA database will help elucidate chromatin-opening related functions and find potential biological effects and potential therapeutic targets.

Transcriptional regulatory regions of cancer chromatin accessibility

Cancer statistics

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News and Updates

03/02/2019 Database construction

06/09/2019 The database is online

08/07/2019 Add search function

05/08/2019 Add analysis function